Concierge Medicine

In current health care systems , physicians are in immense pressure to see patient in shortest possible time to maximize their productivity. So they end up rushing you for your visits and rarely available to answer your calls and questions  when you really need them the most .

We provide care to you without rushing you. We hear what you have to say and be available to when you have a question about your Health .

Basic Concierge membership 

  • guaranteed 24-48 hours appointment
  • Able to communicate with Doctor for an advice and upon request

Gold Concierge membership 

  • You will be provided direct line to the physician
  • We Will see you in 24 hours

Platinum Concierge membership 

  • Complete 24/7 access to a physician
  • We will see you same day in the office
  • Home visitations upon request . We will provide primary care visits to your home .

To make an appointment you can visit our appointment page or call at (352) 399 2422 for more information.